Playa Albir

Playa Albir belongs to the municipality of Alfas del Pi that is situated three kilometres inland. Over recent years Playa Albir has grown into a self supporting sea side resort.

The municipality has 15,000 residents and remarkable is that a little bit more than half of the population is coming from other countries such as UK, Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. This means that there is a wide variety of cultural drive. You can say that Albir is an international location of the Costa Blanca. 

It is a small but beautiful seaside resort and it is quiet at that place, but the possibilities are good to look out for activities. The centre of Albir is a cosy and long, narrow place of shops, restaurants, outdoor cafés, supermarkets with an international supply of articles and all kinds of food.

There is a bus connection to Altea and Benidorm. The atmosphere is very pleasant in Albir, partly due to the climate, the inhabitants, and the visitors during the whole year. Albir  presents oneself as a self-conscious small beautiful beach resort and facilities to depart from here to visit historical cultural sceneries, varied nature and remarkable cities. Albir is part of a region where you can discover a lot of things.